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This has a great vibe, I dig it!

I like the mood this song has! If you want some more realness in the drums, maybe add some reverb!

Candeax responds:

Thank you. Maybe someday i will rework this.

the gated noises sound great (kind of reminds me of Sub Focus's song Tidal Wave) not a huge fan of the piano that comes in around 58 seconds, but the drums sound nice, and the loop is great!

UrnSudden responds:

Thanks for returning the review~ Not many people do that, haha.
Yeah, at first I got the overall tone, then I felt like it was a little too insubstantial, so I started haphazardly throwing things into it like the piano and Tabla. I do see where the piano could detract a bit, it's kind of sudden, sharp and out of place.

This is great! Very halloween-like and fun to listen to! Sometimes it got a little clogged, like a bunch of melodies were trying to overpower other melodies, but other than that it was great! Quick question, how long did you spend making this, and what programs do you use?

Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks for the review man! :) Glad you thought it was fun to listen to! I tried to incorporate as many melodies as possible without it sounding too crowded but I can see what you mean by 'overpowering'. I made this one with FL Studio 9. As for how long I spent on it...boy that's a tricky one. I often get lost in time when I'm making songs and I don't usually record how long it takes me to make one (I'm a little bit too free-spirited in that sense) but I would say it took me around 6-8 hours to make. Again, thanks for listening I really appreciate it!


Reminds me of the Bad Plus, awesome track!

Very Professional

Sounds great! Loving the melody and chord changes, and the drums sound great. Great job on the mix!

ZuneInc responds:

Thanks Kassich! It was really hard to mix.

Really Good

I really enjoyed this, the one thing I wish this had was more of a memorable melody that I could grab onto, so that I can have some way of remembering the song when I'm not listening to it. Other than that, its really good, really digging the levels (once I started listening to it not on my laptop speakers) 10/10, 5/5

TheBellmaker responds:

I'm really bad when it comes to main melodies :/ lol its funny because I actually wrote parts of songs using only laptop speakers *shudders* but anyways, thanks for listening, and I hope you can improve from my reviews!

Great Intro!

The intro was awesome, but around the 45 second mark it kinda lost its wispy feel with the bass drum, and the clashing keys, but i really liked the intro and the outro

sa weet

this is tight, sounds kinda like avenged sevenfold... legit stuff


im digging this man love it when it pics up speed, wish the piano in the background do the arpeggio thing was a little louder

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